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Pure French Body Oil 40ml (Enjoying)
Pure French Body Oil 40ml (Enjoying)
Pure French Body Oil 40ml (Enjoying)
Pure French Body Oil 40ml (Enjoying)
Pure French Body Oil 40ml (Enjoying)
Pure French Body Oil 40ml (Enjoying)
Pure French Body Oil 40ml (Enjoying)
Pure French Body Oil 40ml (Enjoying)

Pure French Body Oil 40ml (Enjoying)

  • 40ml
Ingredients Neroli, Petitgrain, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang, Elemi, Rose Absolute
Benefits With relaxing properties, With antidepressant properties
Time of use Use early in the morning, Returning to work after vacation

Salley’s Garden Body Oil:

Retains natural plant nutrients and numerous vitamins

Quickly absorbed by skin for maximum effect

Suitable for all skin types

Moisturizes and relaxes the skin

Helps to treat oily and combination skin

Helps to treat skin inflammation and sensitive skin

Reduces wrinkles

Combats ageing

Improves metabolism

Essential Oil Ingredients and benefits:

Neroli: sweet floral fragrance, with antidepressant properties

Petitgrain: with relaxing properties and help to treat insomnia, relive muscle pain

Sweet Orange: sedative and help to treat anxiety-induced insomnia

Tea Tree: natural air purifier, with anti-bacteria and antiviral properties, relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion, bronchitis and respiratory infections

Ylang Ylang: effective antidepressant which help to relieve anxiety, keep sebum levels in balance, help to reduce wrinkles and provide lasting moisture

Elemi: achieve emotional balance, used to treat skin and respiratory conditions, help to reduce wrinkles

Rose Absolute: help to relieve mental stress, strengthen the immune system, keep hormone levels in balance, promote circulating metabolism

Natural Base Oil Ingredients and benefits:

Sunflower Oil: help to moisturise and soothe the skin, improve metabolism, reduce wrinkles and combat ageing

Olive Oil: moisturise and protect dry skin

Jojoba Oil: moisturise skin, treat oily and combination skin; treat sensitive skin, inflammation, eczema, psoriasis and pimples

Sweet Almond Oil: help to treat pimples, moisturise and soften the skin; help to relieve itchy skin, swelling and dry skin

Apricot Oil: moisturise and soften the skin, regenerate skin

Coconut Oil: a protective barrier on the skin, combat harmful microbes that cause sensitive skin and eczema

Recommended time of use:

Use early in the morning

Returning to work after vacation