Safety Test

Safety Test for Tea

Our tea products have passed different laboratory tests to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Heavy Metal Test

HKCAP 132V Hong Kong Food Adulteration (Metal Contamination) Regulations

Organochlorine Pesticides Residue Test

Technical Guidelines for Tests on the Safety of Proprietary Chinese Medicines (pCm), sanctioned by the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong

Pesticides Residuals Screening Test

Hong Kong Pesticides Residuals in Food Regulation (Cap. 132CM)

Microbiological Test

The Microbiological Guidelines for Food, August 2014 (revised), Centre for Food Safety, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, HKSAR, Category 11

Sulphur Dioxide Content Test

HKCAP 132 BD Preservatives in Food (Amendment) Regulation 2008, Schedule 1, for Food Category No.4.3